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There are many animals in need and many ways and means to help. We want to use one way. It is important to us to contribute to and support animal welfare. We were active as a foster home ourselves for a few years and will now help in other ways.

Animal welfare donation campaign 2021 - Hundeliebe grenzenlos eV

The year is coming to an end and Christmas will soon be around the corner. We and our four-legged friends can enjoy this warm and family-like celebration, but unfortunately there are some four-legged friends that it didn't hit that well. We would like to make a contribution to animal welfare and give the emergency animals a small Christmas present .

For this we will donate 10% of our total sales , which we achieve in the period from October 1st, 2021 to December 24th, 2021. So with an order from Lillebror for dogs you participate in the donation campaign for animal welfare.

We will send the donation to the animal welfare association Hundeliebe grenzenlos eV . We were active in this association for a number of years and trust in the voluntary work of the animal rights activists who are active in Cyprus, North Macedonia and Greece.

With this we can support the current projects of Hundeliebe without limits such as:

  • enlightenment  of the local people

  • Construction of new shelters

  • On-site castration projects

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