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LILLiTag - Stone

LILLiTag - Stone

This is our LILLiTAG, the small, innovative dog tag.

With this dog tag, your dog always has all the important information digitally with them.

All information can be configured by you at any time, so that the LILLiTAG offers you the highest degree of flexibility and reusability.

More about our information on LILLiTAGhere.


This brand accompanies you on every adventure. It is water and dirt resistant. If your dog ever goes astray, the tag can be read by anyone with their smartphone via NFC function and thus receives all important information from your dog's profile.


The LILLiTAG is easily attached to your dog's collar. No dangling or jingling, but it convinces with its extremely light weight and the pleasant, flexible feel. There are different sizes so that the tag is optimally attached to the collar.


The sizes of the tags are tailored to our collar widths, but can also be pulled onto any collar and adapt due to their flexibility.


(Size / Pass thickness in mm / Pass width in mm)

(XS / 5 / 23)

(S/M / 5 / 28)

(MB/L / 5 / 33)

(LB/XL / 5 / 38)

  • Innovative dog tag
  • Eco friendly
  • Dirt and water resistant
  • Management of the data on German servers
  • High data security
  • Digital dog profile
  • Flexible & light weight (5-12g)
  • Reusable
  • No noise and tight on the collar
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