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Leash - Ethno Long

Leash - Ethno Long

The Ethno Leine Long is the matching adjustable leash for the Ethno Halband. The dove-colored leather is patterned with an ethnic ornament. The decoration is burned in and therefore resistant to abrasion. The fittings are made of brass.


With this leash you can walk through the city on a short leash or in nature on a long leash or, if you have to have your hands free, hang the leash around your upper body. This leash is versatile and suitable for every occasion.


Our dog leashes are made from high quality cowhide leather made from Germany. Due to the rounded edges, they are particularly supple in the hand. The leather becomes smoother and more comfortable with every use.


The 3-way adjustable leash has carabiners at both ends, which can be hooked into the rings as desired. The rings are attached to the 2 m line 45 cm - 120 cm - 198 cm.

  • Rounded edges for a pleasant feel
  • Handmade
  • Full cowhide from Germany
  • Purely vegetable tanned leather
  • Width 15mm
  • Super soft
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