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Silently leash

Silently leash

Our silent leashes are made of high quality round leather with a diameter of 7 mm. Due to the rounded and polished edges, they are particularly smooth in the hand. The leash is kept minimalist and consists only of leather, wooden stopper and nylon thread.


The retriever leash has a loop with a stopper at one end and a hand loop at the other end. If the stopper is pushed away from the dog, the dog's head can easily be passed through the loop. Then the stopper is pushed so far that the dog cannot wriggle out of the leash.

The line has a total length of 1.6m.

The wrapping consists of a very tear-resistant, greased nylon thread and you can choose from different colors.


  • Handmade
  • From Germany
  • Purely vegetable tanned leather
  • Stopper to adjust
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