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Dog Tag - Finn

Dog Tag - Finn

Beach lover watch out, here comes the right dog tag for everyone who loves the beach and water sports as much as we do. These beautiful and individual leather brands in the form of a Finns are all individually made from selected fat leather made and embossed by hand.


The front side is provided with the telephone number and the name. You can choose the font in color or leave it plain. The fin is available in 3 different sizes.


The fins have the following lengths:

S: 3cm

M: 4cm

L: 5cm


Please note that the back is a bit rougher and differs from the front. The smaller the surfboard, the shorter the names have to be!


Your dog will always find his way back to you if he ever gets astray.

  • Full cowhide
  • Handmade
  • No jingling
  • Very easy
  • No plastic
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