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Leash / key holder

Leash / key holder

Simple modern key board with wooden leash holder.

The upper surface can be used as an additional shelf.

This piece of jewelry is handcrafted in Germany and impresses with its minimalist design and practical use.


The board is made of ash and oak.

Oak and ash are characterized by their special strength properties and high wear resistance. The wood is sealed with natural hard wax oil.

The line holders are made of stainless steel rods.



The product is assembled and only needs to be attached to the wall. On the back of the key board there are two stainless steel rods for attachment. For these rods, two holes must be drilled in the wall and then the rods including the shelf must be inserted into the holes. Then the installation is complete.

  • Natural hard wax oil
  • Easy installation
  • Dimensions HxWxD (10x40x7) cm
  • Robust
  • Handmade
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